49-B Heirloom Kitchen



This family’s food journey started with the tiny home kitchens in San Juan where both their parents were born and raised. From Lolo Totoy’s Quiapo origins as a Litsonero, Lola Pinay’s Montalban food business acumen, Lola Eving’s lavish social parties in Maude, San Juan and Lucena, Quezon connections to Lolo Jess’ market adventures and hacienda life in Tarlac.


The front exterior is lined with potted plants that naturally shield the area from the street. Long wooden benches at the waiting area are reminiscent of train stops seen in old Tagalog movies. A wide antique door with a combination of stained and beveled glass leads into a casual contemporary room.

The second level is slightly made more elegant but minimal to allow a range of themes and functionality for private functions. Both floors each have restrooms. The first floor seats 80 to eighteen people and the upper floor can accommodate 60 people.


49-B Heirloom Kitchen features food this generation grew up with. From Filipino, Asian, European and other flights of fancy recipes; the cuisine is wide, flavorful, creative, and highly distinctive from each other. Traditional or classic dishes are treated with respect and twists are made to become original. These recipes were handed down through generations, concocted at the spur of the moment and has become a new favorite. Although not all are original recipes as one would often boast, these are gustatory experiences that they as a family would love, relive and laugh about. The menu uses the freshest greens and vegetables that are delivered daily by local suppliers. Meat products are meticulously sourced and specifications set by the owners. Plating and presentation are given much care and attention just like your mama would.

49-B Heirloom Kitchen is sure to satisfy your palette and craving for things familiar and oddly new but interestingly delightful.

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